The top four reasons why you should be investing in good printers in the office

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Every office needs at least one good quality printer. Whether you’re running the marketing department and you need to create impressive and enticing collateral, or your admin team needs to shoot off some company documents to potential clients - a printer is an essential office item. For some, doing without one is not so hard in the digital age, but for most, creating a seamless office environment and smooth operations means investing in a high-quality, trusty device that will be in it for the long-run – and that often means a bit of an upfront investment.


But are they worth the time and money?  Here are four reasons why you should consider equipping your workforce with a top-tier printer.


Save your important documents from technological issues


We’ve all been in a situation where we have lost work due to dreaded computer crashes or saving issues. While most of us now work in the cloud, backing up your work doesn't always come so easily (especially with a million and one things on our mind).

For some of us, working with physical documents is the preferred approach, or even the trusty old pen and paper seems to do the trick. In essence, a hard copy document can be a fool-proof way to keep your work safe from digital-related issues. By investing in good printers for your office space, both you and your employees can rely on creating physical copies of your most important documents – all there and read for safekeeping.


What do your customers want?


Although many offices these days are paperless, it’s also important to consider your customer base and what they prefer. Perhaps you work in sales or accounting and you need to provide your customers with ongoing invoices that they like to stow away physically.


While plenty of people are happy to receive documents via email in PDF format, some smaller or older companies still opt for paper copies if it works better with their current system. Sometimes, even having the simple ability to print out an invoice or document saves the back and forth of finding a fit for a client that may not be up-to-scratch with technology just yet


Preparing for travel needs


If you work in an office environment where employees are often on the road, then an office printer is a fantastic investment. Employees can leave their desks well-prepared and ready for upcoming meetings and presentations, as well as equip themselves with any travel-related documents like boarding passes and itineraries. This way, you can ensure that everyone is equipped with all the details they need for upcoming flights, their hotel (if necessary), events, presentations and conferences.


Creating shipping labels


Great printers are essential for offices and warehouses with shipping requirements. By investing in good quality printers, you can keep your costs down by not having to rely on external services. You can also save yourself and your employees time by not having to leave the workplace to print copious amounts of information at an offsite provider, post office or delivery depot.


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